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  • To call:
  • 1. Enter the Juvino access number you wish to access, depending on whether the destination is a landline or mobile (e.g. 0844 759 751 for a landline number in Germany)
  • 2. Once connected, enter the international code for the country (e.g. 0049 for Germany), followed by the remainder of the destination number.
  • 3. Save the number in your address book.
5 Big reasons to use Juvino
  • 1. Clear quality voice, best alternative to calling cards
  • 2. No pin numbers, renewal or subscription
  • 3. Cheapest calling prices to Barbados
  • 4. Calls billed directly by your current phone provider
  • 5. Get rid of worrisome online registration process.
* The prices quoted above are from BT landline, Call charges by others may vary.

Cheap call to Barbados from UK

If you are looking how to call cheap to Barbados , Juvino is the right solution. Juvino allows you to make high quality cheap international calls to Barbados for a very low price per minute.

Juvino prides itself on the quality of its calling services so you can rest easy that your calls to Barbados will be totally clear and highly reliable.

Juvino requires no account setup, no registration, no pin numbers, no credit card registration. We never charge you anything. The only cost you pay will be to your landline provider for the local call you make and don't worry we tell you the cost of this before you make your call.

Start using the Juvino service now and make instant savings on your calls to Barbados Call daily, call for longer without the worry of huge international call bills.

This is a great opportunity to make cheap calls to Barbados, to any Barbados landline or Barbados mobile alowing you to keep in touch with your family, friends and loved ones in Barbados.

Remember with Juvino there is no need to download any softwares, buy international calling cards or log on to the internet, Simply pick up your phone and call.

janette muldoon
00 0000
holiday to barbados
I am going on holiday to barbados and would like to find out the best and cheapest way to call home to the uk and also the cheapest way for my family to call me . My mobile is o2 so please can u advise. janette

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