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We are happy and excited to launch our new service Juvino?, a new feather in our cap, a innovative way of making international calls very cheap and even free from your UK mobile or UK landline.

You need not register with us and there is no hidden fee. Why wait!! Pick your phone and start using our service. Juvino was born out of a sense of anger and frustration with the mobile operators. Anger because of the way the mobile operators charge extortionate prices for so many of their services and frustration with the poor service they often provide in return.

Having been stung once too often with huge mobile bills we decided something needed to be done about it and the idea of the Juvino service was conceived. We certainly do not promise that we can save you money on everything you do on your mobile; we know we cannot (at least not yet). What we try and do is to provide an alternative for services where the mobile operators are taking liberties.

We let you know our costs before you do anything so you can make an informed decision to go ahead or not with no bill surprises. Importantly also we try to make it as easy for you as possible by exploiting the technology available on a modern mobile phone.

We do everything through the use of downloadable software so you do not have to change your phone or change your network in using our services. Another belief of ours is that the mobile operators are very poor using the opportunity that the modern mobile phone presents to create truly valuable new services for mobile users. Sure you can buy ringtones or wallpapers but what else so far?

At Juvino we think we have some great ideas that mobile users will appreciate. Our immediate objective is to save you money but down the line we really want to do our bit in Reinventing your mobile?. Watch this space...

The company behind Juvino is Intelli-Call.