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Your privacy is important, so we'd like to explain what information we collect from you, why we collect it and how it is used.

If we collect personal contact information (as described below), you may later remove it from our system by emailing us at . When you use Juvino services we will request your mobile phone number. This information is required to provide many of the Juvino Services and Associated Services. Your mobile phone number does not identify you personally. We may from time to time use your mobile number to provide you with information about services but we will not disclose your mobile phone number to any third parties unless required by law. We may collect statistics about your telephone usage which we may aggregate with other statistics learned from other users, we may sell the resultant information, but if we do so we will not reveal your unique phone number.

We may request your email address or other personal information to contact. As you use Juvino Services and Associated Services we may also gather information about your habits as a user of electronic communication devices (this may include storing information on your electronic device). We use this information to support the Juvino Services and Associated Service. Unless required to do so by law, we shall not disclose any information which might uniquely identify you.

We may disclose information which might uniquely identify you if necessary to protect our legal rights or if the information relates to actual or threatened harmful conduct or to restrict any threatened harm. Disclosure may also be required by law or if we receive legal process. We may disclose such information if we deem it necessary to protect our legal rights or if the information relates to actual or threatened harmful conduct.

We generally keep user data on our server or in our archives for as long as we reasonably need it. We may alter this practice according to changing requirements. For example, we may delete some data if needed to free up storage space. We may keep other data for longer periods if the law requires it. In addition, information posted in a public forum could stay in the public domain indefinitely. Data management requests are administered in an orderly manner to the extent feasible and within our direct control.

Note: we have greater control over recently collected data than for archived data. Once data is removed from the system and archived, it may not be feasible to accommodate specific requests. In those cases, our general data retention policy applies.