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Cheap calls to Serbia?? Hi, Can someone please recommend cheap international calling options from... Read more
Asked by Renne on 21st Jul 08:42

I am planning to visit Australia for a couple of months .Could i get any good offers to call from th... Read more
Asked by malinga on 21st Jul 06:11

I have an O2 phone on contract in London. Can anyone suggest what would be the cheapest way to make ... Read more
Asked by Wayne on 14th Jul 08:36

Ya Wayne, it works on O2. Juvino works on all 4 big networks in UK (Vodafone, O2, Orange and T-Mobile). Go ahead and give a try. It is indeed a cheap option to make international c... Read more
Answered by Shahid on 23rd Jul 05:39

I generally use VOIP to make cheap international calls but just came across the juvino service. If a... Read more
Asked by Johnson on 13th Jul 08:24

Juvino is built on the basis of "Access Number" and Skype works on the VOIP system.They are different by nature of operations. In skype there are various kinds of plans that provi... Read more
Answered by Harrison on 08th Sep 07:02

Can I Use Juvino to make Cheap International Calls from my T-Mobile Contract mobile? If yes, what wo... Read more
Asked by James on 09th Jul 14:07

Yes for sure you can, we can use the Juvino service from any mobile or land-line service. The process is also the same as we call for an international call, but just we need to app... Read more
Answered by Neil on 10th Sep 05:29

Does anyone have any idea about how to enjoy cheap international calls from the UK to Bangladesh at ... Read more
Asked by Ashraful on 08th Jul 08:56

you can visit juvino.com for the cheapest international calls and offers to all countries at the best rates.
Answered by George on 16th Jul 12:52

Hi I would be moving to London by end of this month. I would like to know which is the cheapest and ... Read more
Asked by Waseem on 12th Jul 07:07

The best way I would suggest for your wondering calls is www.juvino.com which is the cheapest way to make calls to anywhere
Answered by Arnold on 12th Jul 06:08



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